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 Aug 8th, 2020 I was awarded "Ms. Calgary 2020" with Calgary Pageants which is by far one of my biggest accomplishments. This was a 3-part pageant process and I am full of gratitude to receive the reign for 6 months. I will focus on mindset positivity, body-positive advocacy, promoting non-profit community organizations, and empowering women in the community and social media.   

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I would value the opportunity to help you feel comfortable and confident during all stages of your lifestyle transitions. Whether you have an upcoming event or want to change your body composition, you deserve the best life has to offer! 

Feel Good, Look Good! 

I am a distributor of: 

Drip Fit Sweat enhancer

This product is a sweat enhancer that promotes:

Detoxifying, reviving, and replenishing ingredients during physical activity that helps balance and restore the body for optimal performance and health. 





I am currently reigning Ms. Southern Alberta 2021 

Emphasize the importance of Fitness and Nutrition as the foundation of healthier and happier communities. 

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I competed virtually for the title of Ms. Alberta NA, and was offered the reign in January 2021. This granted me the opportunity to be a delegate for Ms. North America 2022, where I competed in Florida with North America Beauty Pageant , placing as 5th runner up. 

Ms. Alberta NA 2021/22  Alberta North America Pageant


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My Why

            Learn through my interview with PeruMira Education and Global Talent Magazine what got me started on my fitness journey, what keeps me so positive and keeps me going. 



Recent virtual pageant to promote health and wellness:  Miss Entrepreneurship Canada 2021      <-- Must Watch!  with Video & Excitement  

Magnum Nutraceuticals

Proud to be a Magnum Athlete. Best Sports Nutrition and my #1 trusted brand to help me with my goals throughout all training phases. 

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Magnum Supplements Canada


Drip Fit Natural Sweat Intensifier

Canmore, Banff, and Bow Valley Distributor.

Helping me stay hydrated, keeping a tight core, and motivated all year around. 


Fascia Stretch Therapy

Why Choose FST?

Fascial Stretch Therapy helps improve my overall flexibility of the nerves, muscles, and fascia.

FST is a unique full-body therapy and a staple in my overall recovery process.

FST will decrease joint, nerve and myofascial compression. Facilitate trigger point release. Balance fascial lines to achieve optimal levels of flexibility. Help you relax. Augment lifting ability and recovery. Enhance athletic performance. Decrease pain and mental stress. Improve overall physiology, such as sleep, energy, digestion, and relaxation. 


About Me: YouTube 2020 with Ryan

BodyBuilding - Getting Started Podcast Interview w/ "D.D. on The Spot"

D.D On the Spot (Second Appearance) 2021





















Companies that Help keep me motivated, inspired, and at my best. 

Rise & Rviitalize - Clean Energy to Keep Me Moving    

Rviita - Click to order online, use my code "kfit10". 

Since September 2019, when I first tried Rviita, I have implemented the beverage into my daily routine. When I study, work or train I can count on Rviita to help me push through long days. 

"The Perfect Pick Me Up

'Rviita Energy Tea is a delicious blend of tea-based caffeine, organic honey, fruit juice, and vitamins created to fuel your productivity. It's a ready-to-drink energy tea designed to give you clean energy without the crash. Rviita was created out of a need for a healthy pick-me-up - something with clean simple ingredients we could trust. With natural caffeine, 30 calories, and no artificial colors or sweeteners, you will love the light, refreshing taste of our energy teas. The energy you need from ingredients you love'"



















Cupids Corner, Canmore 

Cupid's Corner intimate apparel & accessories

Enjoy the Journey! Starting a new fitness journey takes commitment, time, and courage! I choose Cupids Corner to help me feel comfortable and confident during all my body transitioning stages.

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